Our Initiatives

Explore Enrollment Management's initiatives to help students succeed.

Purpose and Goals

Patricia Morales, Vice Provost, Enrollment Management, compares Enrollment Management to an impressionist painting: “A lot of colors interacting, but as you step back it comes into focus.” 

The purpose of our office is to help students succeed by providing the best possible experience. In seeing both the micro and macro picture, we are able to be adaptive, nimble, and relevant—helping students and creating a stronger university. We see how each office is impacted by enrollment and are in a position to advance their goals. With our insights, they can explore new ideas and conduct further research—all to understand the needs of students and create an optimal experience.

In addition to gathering and analyzing data, we recognize that we are impacted by our student population. Our students help us learn and grow, just as we help them. As a minority-thriving institution, our diverse campus makes us better, makes us richer, challenges us, and allows us to become more curious. 

Working together with colleagues across the university, we are positioned to create a future-ready campus that produces future-ready students.

Seeing Into the Future

Discover how enrollment management is in a unique position to see into the future.

  • UCI Podcast

    Patty Morales breaks down just how her division helps to position UCI as a future-ready campus that produces future-ready students. She shares her thoughts in an interview.

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The Office of Enrollment Management is a key collaborative partner and driver of University-wide initiatives and progress.

  • Data Science Initiative

    The Office of Enrollment Management is a key participant in the formation, development, and growth of a new Center for Data Science at UCI. The purpose of this center is to provide data collection, analysis, and predictive modeling services and education for the entire UCI community.

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